Kill the bill! And grandma too…

Kill the bill!

No to health coverage to the 32 million people who don’t have it. Let insurance companies deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. Yes to caps on health services to people who get sick. No to taxes on the wealthy.

Kill the Bill! And hands off our health care!

We want insurance companies to charge higher premiums based on our gender and medical history. When our children turn 18 we want them out of the house and out of our insurance policy. We don’t want insurance companies giving them a free ride until they are 26.

Kill the bill!

I may lose my health care if I change jobs. I may file for bankruptcy if I get sick and can’t pay the medical bills. But I rather pay for medical services in Tijuana that have our government change the way the health system works in my country.

It’s our individual prerogative. The freedom to choose is more important than health, even if two thirds of the country is overweight. We’ll find a way to pay the hospital bill when the imminent heart attack comes around. Government is the problem. Not the solution.

Kill the bill!

And while you’re at it, kill grandma too.

She’s gotten too expensive.


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